• 18th Dec '20
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API to prevent fake emails tools

API to prevent fake emails registration on your service Each time someone registers to your service, ping this API to verify if the email is correct and not a disposable email to prevent fake registration API to detect and prevent fake users registration.

Track and detect disposable emails to block fake customers. Connect to the API and analyze an email in order to detect if it's a temporary email or a real user.

1. Use The API Request the API in Unlimited and check if emails are disposable or valid email. API is easy to connect and you can request it by a GET method.

2. Block Fake Users With the API you will be able to prevent fake registration to your product or your service. This will help you to reduce and block robots, and fake customers.

3. Focus On Real Customers Thanks to our service you will be able to save time by focusing only on real customers using your product or service. This will reduce fraud, fake customers and robots.
Block registration of robots and fake users Request the API with the email parameter and we will automatically tell you if it's a real email or a disposable email.

Our database of disposable emails is updated daily by new providers that's mean we will keep you up to date about new disposable email providers.

Multi-features API to block fake customers Add your own list of disposable domains or a custom domain to block the registration from it.
The API detects also if the email is a generic email (@gmail.com) or a business email (@company.com).

- Unlimited requests Request the API with the Pro plan in unlimited without restriction.
- Get only real customers With the API you will be able to block fake customers and only accept real users.
- Import your own domains Import generic domains or disposable domains to enrich your database.
- Unlimited users Invite your team (developers) with no limit to use the product and connect to the API.

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