• 18th Dec '20
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Chatbot tools

Chatbot solution to capture and convert visitors into leads

Convert your visitors into leads.
Automatically chat with your visitors and capture data from them. Customers will be able to install a chatbot to capture information from their visitors.
The collected leads information could be sent by email, SMS (mobile number), or directly into a Slack channel.

1. Install A Javascript Code Generate in one click a Javascript code to install the chatbot on your website or a specific page.

2. Capture Leads You can embed as a chat, or iframe on a specific page your chatbot, or in a direct link.

3. Export Leads Once you have captured the data you will be able to send the data to your email, or to SMS mobile phone or to a Slack channel.
Customize everything In one click you can customize the color of your chatbot, the avatar, the text, and the layout. It works on all markets. If you are a SAAS, restaurant, agency or any website...
you will be able to customize the chatbot to fit your needs.

We have designed the software in order to give you the possibility to create infinite scenario based on your needs.
With the chatbot editor you are free to add as many as you want steps to capture data, ask questions and rating to your visitors.

Ask anything to your visitors from booking a table to rate something about your business.

- Unlimited chatbots Create as many as you want chatbots, with no limit!
- Easy to use The software is easy to use and your chatbot will be ready in 5 minutes.
- Save collected data Download the collected leads via the chatbot or send the information to your email.
- Unlimited users Invite your team with no limit to use the product and see the captured leads. So your sales team can reach to the captured leads to convert them as customers!

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