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Find emails company tools

Find emails from first name, last name and company name

Customers are able to upload a CSV with this information: first name, last name, and company name (or domain).

Once they upload the data, the tool will try to find the email of each contact from the email format (for example, first.last@company.com). This tool is perfect for discovering emails from a list of business data.

1. Upload Your Data We have millions of email format, upload your file online and get an Excel file of emails.

2. Find Emails From the first name, last name and company name we will find the email of each contact you will upload inside the platform.

3. Export To Excel Download the list of the leads in one click and use your Excel file for prospecting directly on the emails found. The best way to find emails from person data Once you have uploaded your data (first name, last name and company name) we will find the email from the email format of the company.

Quick & fast It's very easy to use the software, just upload a list of data (first name, last name and company name or domain) and we will generate a file for you with all the emails.

Extraction is fast and download instant. With the Pro plan you can get unlimited email extractions without any limit. Generate as many as you want reports with emails from a data set.

- Upload online Add your data to find emails. - Quick enrich Extract big list of emails in one click.
- Download to Excel Download to Excel directly the list of the emails.
- Unlimited users Invite your team with no limit to use the product.

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Easy to use

It's very simple to use the products, just register and try the trial on each product.

With the Pro plan you will get Unlimited access to the platform and all the products we offer without any limit.