• 18th Dec '20
  • Vwxyz Software,LLC
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Sequence / newsletter campaigns tools

Sequence (cadence) / newsletter campaigns with unlimited emails to send
A simple software to create emailing or sequence campaigns. Make your customers sending newsletters or cold emails (drip until recipients reply) by adding their own SMTP provider and IMAP. Track opens, clicks, bounce, unsubscribe, replies and create nice emailing campaigns in plain text or HTML.
Give your customers the power to do emailing campaigns at scale with high volume.
Design nice newsletters or simple cold emails with the simple online editor.
Create in one click newsletters campaigns and send emails to your lists. Drive traffic and sales to your website. Import your contacts, import your HTML template or a simple text, start sending directly in unlimited.

1. Import Unlimited Contacts Import in CSV your list of contacts or create multiple lists to start multiple campaigns

2. Use HTML Or Plain Text Import a nice designed HTML template or write a simple text to send to your audience.

3. Send Emails Connect your own SMTP and start sending directly emails to your audience in one click. Start unlimited email campaigns and drive traffic to your website Our system is very easy to use and you will be able to connect your own SMTP to send emails, write your own templates and send emails without any limit.

Start sending emails without any limit.
Create as many as you want campaigns and import unlimited contacts.
Generate new leads from emailing, follow up your customers or prospect in mass new customers.

- HTML template Our editor is simple and you can import a template by copy paste.
- Connect your SMTP Use your own SMTP, connect it to the platform and start sending emails without any limit.
- Track stats Track sent, opens, clicks from each campaign and see which one perform the best.
- Unlimited users Invite your team with no limit to use the product and create campaigns.

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